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Fleurco specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of a full range of high end  glass shower  doors and bathtubs. We rely on the latest technology to offer you top quality products. In the industry, we are recognized for our superior know-how and customer service.

Robert Schachter, FLEURCO's Owner

Fleurco Team

Choosing FLEURCO QSD is opting for

50 years of designing, manufacturing and servicing shower doors and shower bases.

• More than 100,000 in stock different configurations possible. Orders shipped with 24-48 **hours.

• Products well designed, durable and easy to install.

Customized units available.

Dedicated on-the-road staff to install your doors and in-house to answer all your questions.

In house team of industrial designers and quality control

** Custom doors may take longer.



Our products are superb inside and out. From our rich, lustrous finishes to smooth surfaces to our solid hardware, we pay attention to every last detail as if it were the first. Reliability and excellence translate into reduced maintenance costs, superior performance and long lasting quality.


Fleurco has earned a solid reputation over the years in delivering complete customer satisfaction by listening and proactively solving potential issues.Looking forward, Fleurco remains confident that it will stay ahead of the competition with its unique and innovative offering.


Our beautifully designed collections of shower doors, acrylic bases and bathtubs enable our customers to create their own bathrooms with their own tastes. Each and every year at Fleurco, our internal industrial design team introduces new products and new hardware which quickly become the benchmark for the industry.

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