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A shower enclosure will be a part of your life for years to come and buying one will be an investment into your house. Consequently, before buying a shower enclosure it is important to take into consideration the following to ensure your new shower will provide many years of good service.


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  1. Choose shower or tub door.

  2. Choose your configuration: Do you want a corner unit (neo angle, square, wedge, round) or against the wall (in-line, 2 or 3-sided, roman).

  3. Choose your measurements – the most important step. Dimensions must be measured with finished walls. You also need to measure the height of the opening.

  4. Choose door type: Sliding doors are made of two overlapping glass panels that hang from a header and slide along a bottom track. Those doors are ideal for installation on larger shower openings. Pivot (swinging) doors swing open into the room like a traditional door. Those doors are ideal for small and large shower spaces and provide versatile right or left-hand opening enclosures for multiple configurations.

  5. Select frame design

  6. Frame doors have an aluminum frame mounted to the edges of the glass door panel that adds structure to the glass for solid operation.

  7. Frameless doors have minimal metal framing to create an elegant, sophisticated look and feel for these premium doors. They are made of heavier, thicker glass to eliminate the need for structural framing.

  8. Select a finish Fleurco doors are offered in a selection of finishes depending of the model: chrome, ultra chrome, brushed and polished stainless and nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, bright brass, white.

  9. Select a glass: All Fleurco doors are made of high quality tempered glass, and are available in Clear finish. Mist, Paris Point, Prism and Raindrop finishes are available for certain models only.

  10. Base:  You could consider Fleurco acrylic walls and bases for your installation. By coordinating your Fleurco shower door with a Fleurco base. The inside walls of the shower enclosure will need to be tiled unless you choose acrylic walls, available for certain models only. Therefore, plan ahead and tile the area before installing the shower cubicle.

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